NPI Maintenance Tips for Portable Spas

1. Make sure the spa is full of water and all valves are open (valve stems in the equipment chamber are in the “up” position). Always keep the water level about 6″ below the top of the spa. DO NOT RUN THE PUMP DRY AT ANY TIME!

300x245-pump2. Pump, filter, and heater should run daily to keep the water clean and hot and to prevent excess moisture from accumulating in the pump motor. If you plan to vacation do not drain the spa. Set your temperature lower to conserve power but allow the system to filter as usual.

3. Do not heat the spa water above 104° or it may be hazardous to your health.

Maintenance tips from New Products Inc.4. Do not use soap or shampoo in the spa. Do not wear suntan lotion while in the spa.

5. We recommend that you take hot shower before and after using your spa.

6. Remove jewelry, especially diamond rings, before entering the spa to avoid scratching the finish.

7. The ideal pH of the spa water is 7.6 or higher. CHECK WITH THE TEST KIT ONCE A WEEK. Acidic water will ruin your equipment if,

A. If the pH drops below 7.6, the water is acidic and may start to dissolve the metal components in your system. Use one or two TBSP. of soda ash to raise the pH. Water can be retested in 20-30 inutes.

Water testing by New Products Inc.B. If the pH is above 7.6 the water is alkaline. If you drain and refill your spa every 3 or 4 months, alkalinity should not harm your spa. The only chemical used to lower pH is acid. WE DO NOT SUGGEST THAT YOU USE ACID IN YOUR SPA! The very presence of acid will do some damage to the metal parts.

8. You may use bromine as a sanitizer instead of chlorine. Bromine is a available in tablet form and is loaded into a dispenser which constantly floats in the water to kill bacteria. It is only necessary to check the dispenser periodically to see that there are tablets remaining. Keep the bromine residual at 2.0 to 4.0 ppm on the yellow side of the test kit.

9. You may find it helpful to supplement your bromine treatment with some granular chlorine on those occasions when the spa has had unusually heavy use. Small amounts of granular chlorine may also be advisable when you are starting from a fresh fill because chlorine dissolves faster than bromine and can build up the desired residual sooner. Use only 2-3 dissolved tablespoons of chlorine if ever the water looks murky. Some important points:

A. NEVER store bromine and chlorine in the same container. It is all right to add both to the water.
B. NEVER use liquid chlorine or TRI-CHLORO tablets in your spa. They are intended for swimming pools. These compounds are much too concentrated for use in spas. The only acceptable chlorine is labeled “SODIUM CICHLOR” in granular form, available chlorine 62%. DO NOT USE 99% CHLORINE.
C. DO NOT store chemicals in the equipment chamber of a portable spa.

10. Dissolve any granular chemical (chlorine, soda ash, etc.) in a clean pail filled with warm water (which can be taken from the spa), then empty the pail into the spa. Let the pump run for ten minutes to thoroughly mix the chemical.

11. If water appears cloudy, use 1 oz. of water clarifier.

Water care tips from New Products Inc.12. Clean the filter(s) every month or as necessary. If the jets become noticeably weaker or if the heater fails to maintain a stable temperature, it is an indication that the filter element needs cleaning. Drain, clean, and refill your spa every 3 months or as necessary. DISCONNECT POWER BEFORE YOU DRAIN IT.

13. Read the owner’s manual. Failure to operate the system correctly can invalidate your BUYERS PROTECTION PLAN.

14. Do not expose the spa finish to excessive sunlight. When the spa is not in use, the energy cover must be on. Never use solar bubbles or any single-layered plastic finish. Do not stand or sit on the cover. Do not use ARMORALL or any other product that contains petroleum distillates to treat the vinyl skin. Clean the vinyl with a mild detergent and a soft bristle brush, rinse, let dry, and use a product such as 303 or VINYL CONDITIONING CREAM (available at our store) to treat and protect the vinyl.

15. To preserve the appearance of the cedar skirting, treat it with a stain preservative. Reapply it on an annually basis. We suggest PENOFIN, which is available at our store.

16. To clean your spa, use SOFT SCRUB, baking soda, or any mild detergent. DO NOT USE ACETONE. DO NOT USE COARSE ABRASIVES.

17. Pregnant women and people with circulatory problems should consult a physician before using a spa. Children should never be left unattended in a spa. Do not use drugs or alcohol while bathing.

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